Movement is Medicine

My aim is to support, inspire and educate you to move with ease, strength and joy.  To build a movement practice that is safe, balanced and sustainable. If you have a body and you can breathe then you can do yoga.


Join our community of movers for in person and online classes every week.

Meet Yourself Where You Are

This is your practice; there is no ‘must do’, dogmatic approach. I teach from a sound foundation of principles of movement, breath and physiology, upon which we build a practice that suits you.


We gather together in inspiring locations to dive deeper into specific subjects, spend quality time together and give a boost to our practice and knowledge…

Open your Heart, Open your Mind

I encourage you to flex your muscles of awareness, to investigate and explore your depths and perceived limits and see where it takes you. You might be surprised! 


I have always been a mover. I started dance training at an early age and continued regular classes until my early twenties. After a year of full time dance school in my late teens I realised the world of professional dance, as I understood it then, was not for me.

I have always been an observer and questioner. I went on to pursue an undergraduate degree in Philosophy at Kings College London where I spent three years contemplating the biggest, and mostly still unanswered questions of what it is to be human. Questions that still fascinate me today…