Live Zoom Classes

I teach live classes at least 2 times per week, via Zoom. Recordings of live classes are made available to those who sign up, even if you couldn’t attend at the ‘live’ time. You can use these recordings to practice with as many times as you like for the duration of your membership. Live classes are FREE for all monthly subscribers. See timetable.



7PM - 8PM

6.30PM - 7.30PM

On-demand Content

I am building a library of prerecorded classes of varying lengths to support you with a regular, sustainable, balanced home practice. All videos are filmed in high quality and you’ll have access for as long as your membership is valid.

Class description

Power Vinyasa

Energise & invigorate

A rounded practice incorporating smooth controlled movements, fluid transitions and held poses. Traditional poses are blended with contemporary movement practices to create strength and flexibility in the body as well as a balance of effort and surrender in each asana. No posture should be forced, and adaptations to the individual are offered. The class is guided with precise, clear, anatomy based instruction to focus the mind and control the breath. We end with releasing stretches and relaxation.

Gentle Flow & Restore

Release & rejuvenate
Slow paced juicy movements and stretches to open the body, release tension and create a sense of ease in body, mind and breath. Fluid sequences are coupled with moments of stillness, meditation and breathwork. Ease away aches and pains, stresses and tensions. Yoga that feels good. 

Gentle Flow & Restore

Release & rejuvenate

A practice designed to rest your mind and your body. Yin is about finding stillness, slowing down and creating space to just ‘be’. A complement to an already active life or to help those who feel distracted by “mind chatter”. The class involves a series of supported passive postures, breathing techniques, meditation and guided relaxation.

Meditation & Breath

Ground & renew 
Meditation is a practice of cultivating awareness of our habitual thought patterns, and pranayama is a practice of refining breathing ability and awareness
guided meditation.

Pre-natal Yoga

Support & connect

Post-natal Yoga

Regain & realign

Membership Options


What you get:

  • Access to all Live Zoom Classes (normally 2x per week), including recordings.
  • Access to the full video library of On-Demand Content.
  • Monthly members email, including more in depth tutorials and articles to support you on and off the mat.
  • Personal feedback and support from me.
  • Super Early Bird pricing for in person retreats and events.

PAY PER CLASS Live or On Demand

What you get:

    • Register for any ‘live’ class and you’ll be able to join us live as well as have access to the recording for 7 days (see timetable).
    • Register for any ‘on-demand’ class and you’ll have access for 7 days.